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How It Works
Contact us, describe your initial idea. Provide as much data as possible - specification, designs, any special wishes. The more information you share with us at this stage - the better result will be achieved.
We prepare all suitable solutions and give an approximate estimate for each of them. This follows up in a key discussion between us, when we choose further project’s course. After that we sign a workflow agreement.
Panda’s team works out first release, being in touch with you during whole development stage, so you could always see actual progress reached so far. Any suggestions from your side at this stage will also be taken into account - we are very flexible in such cases.
At this point we apply required fixes and any additionally requested improvements. It’s also QA time. We need to verify product meets specifications and requirements prescribed in our agreement, also making sure that implemented features and functionality fit perfectly into your business objectives.
The deployment phase deals with all aspects involved in pushing the finalized application out into the product market.
It can be simple or not but after that your product is in LIVE!
After the product is deployed in the market successfully, there is a need to provide additional maintenance and updates with the same philosophy, process and management principles that went in envisioning the project in place. A streamlined release schedule will prevent delays and waste of key resource cycles no matter what phase the product is undergoing.
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